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Sophomore English
Ms. Gillette
Room 124 - Period White 1, White 4
The course curriculum for English III consists of four strands or components: literature, writing, vocabulary, and grammar (usage and mechanics).  The literature strand consists of selected novels (semester 1) and poetry and drama (semester 2) and additional supplemental reading.  The writing strand may include MLA-formatted literary analysis papers, descriptive writing, narrative with dialogue, genre-based creative writing.  The vocabulary development strand is derived from literature texts.  The grammar strand emphasizes usage and mechanics.  

 Students should be able to

·      understand writer’s craft in a variety of genres  

·      apply structured reading skills to independent reading situations

·      write meaningful, expressive, and polished analysis, creative fiction, poetry, drama

·      broaden vocabulary knowledge in the context of unit study

·      identify how sentence-level grammar choices affect the power of writing

Grading Policy:

50% PROCESS (Informal work through which student is developing knowledge: reading quizzes, in-class projects, overnight assignments, rough drafts of major work, thoughtful contribution toward discussion as well as lack of distraction away from class atmosphere.)       

50% PRODUCT (Formal work that ends unit study: analytical essays, vocabulary tests, personal essays, projects.  Out-of-class work should reflect thoughtful development, editing, and revision.)

Major reading tracked with bookmark provided at beginning of novel unit.
In addition, homework posted daily on whiteboard.
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Digital documents posted regularly on wikispace: