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Entrepreneurship II
Mrs. Heath
Room Room 223 - Period
This course is designed to empower students to discover and experience entrepreneurship in a real, relevant, and rigorous manner. You will use a previous business plan, or develop a new plan, to develop and run the business. You will learn all of the intricacies in the growth and expansion of a business.''
After completing this semester, students should be able to understand the following entrepreneurial concepts:

ü Marketing-advertise, research
ü Competition
ü Goal Setting
ü Communication
ü Control-production, cash flow, quality
ü Successful Selling
ü Ethical Business Behavior
ü Management '
Grading Policy:
Ø 40% Business Development

Ø 40% Captain’s Corner

Ø 20% Class Activities

Overall Grade:
45% - 3rd Quarter, 45% - 4th Quarter, 10% - Final'
All assignments and additional resources can be found on the following links: