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Entrepreneurship I
Mrs. Heath
Room Room 223 - Period
This course is designed to empower students to discover and experience entrepreneurship in a real, relevant, and rigorous manner. You will learn what talents you have and how to utilize them in an effective way for your future. West Bay Rotary members will share their experience and expertise as consultants while developing the business plans and portfolios.''
After completing this semester, students should be able to understand the following concepts:

ü Entrepreneur-opportunity, characteristics
ü Time Management
ü Finances-personal and business
ü Business/Career Management – positive attitude, work ethics
ü Competition
ü Goal Setting
ü Decision Making Skills
ü Communication
ü Successful Selling-Marketing'
Grading Policy:
 35% Participation
o How involved you are
o Participate in class discussions
o Prompt: on time
o Captain’s Corner shifts
Ø 20% Test/Quizzes/Projects
o Business Plan
o Portfolio
Ø 45% Activities
o Organization of notebook
o Daily Assignments
o Journal: Thought of the Day/Current Event 
o Capts Corner Tasks/Meetings

Overall Grade:
45% - 3rd Quarter, 45% - 4th Quarter, 10% - Final'
All assignments and additional information can be found on the following links: