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Honors Sophomore English
Mrs. Munson
Room 122 - Period


Literature: The purpose of this course is to focus on the elements of the novel.

We will be reading several novels and examining how each author constructs meaning in his/her writing and analyzing the content of the author’s message and purpose. We will also be examining the historical context of each novel and how the philosophies and events of an era are reflected in the text.           

Writing: Students will be responsible for writing several analytical papers, several creative papers, and a variety of journal responses.  We will be using the writing process for all major papers; this process includes prewriting, outlining, drafting, and editing. We will also be working on on-demand assignments, in preparation for the SAT.

Vocabulary:  The vocabulary program for Honors Sophomore English is designed to improve the student’s ability to articulate and understand ideas.  It is also designed to familiarize students with the types of questions and words used on the SAT.

Grammar: There will be two approaches to the study of grammar this year.  The first will be a continuation of the grammar study students began last year, focusing on   verbs, modifiers, pronouns, and punctuation. The second approach will be individualized – examining each student’s writing and working on grammar issues that are particular to that student.

Download English II Prose Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf

Download English II Drama and Poetry Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf

  1. We have only ONE classroom rule – WE WILL BEHAVE IN A RESPECTFUL MANNER AT ALL TIMES. The fine print on this rule is that both you and I will be respectful of each other, those around us, the school environment, and ourselves.
  2. I expect all students to come to class ready to work. That means not only bringing your materials, but bringing your brain and enthusiasm as well!!!
Grading Policy:

Grading:                      Papers             25%

                                    Tests                25%

                                    Journals           20%

                                    Quizzes           15%

                                    Homework      15%


Late Work Policy: If you do not have your work done on time, you are not ready for class and are not ready for the new work we will begin – and that makes learning harder. Therefore, any written assignments or projects that are not turned in on the due date will lose a letter grade for each class day they are late.  Many homework assignments (ie.vocabulary assignments)  are due at the beginning of class; this type of assignment will be marked as a zero if it is not done on time and there will not be an opportunity to make this up. (Note: This rule applies to students who were in class, not students who were absent.)


1. Students will receive a unit outline at the beginning of each unit which includes due dates for major papers and tests.  Daily assignments will be written on the board.

 2. Daily assignments are written on the white board. Students are asked to check the board for the latest information on due dates.