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CHRHS Choruses
Students at Camden Hills Regional H.S. have the opportunity to perform choral music in Chorale, Chamber Singers or Women's Choir. All students who are interested in singing are placed in one of the three Chorale Sectionals. The purpose of a Chorale Sectional is to allow options within the schedule. Students interested in joining Chorale are not limited to a choice of one 40 minute time slot.    However, due to the need to rehearse as a full ensemble prior to concerts, there are 2-3 mandatory after school/evening Chorale rehearsals each semester.
Students interested in a more intensive choral experience of Chamber Singers or Women's Choir must pass a rigorous audition. The rehearsal, independent work requirements and performance schedule for Chamber Singers and Women's Choir is more demanding and requires a high level of commitment from each singer. Although members of Chamber Singers and Women's Choir are not required to schedule one of the Chorale sectionals, they are required to learn the Chorale ensemble music through lessons, independent work, and class work in order to sing with the Chorale at major concerts.
The musical repertoire is chosen to facilitate music reading and ear training skills. Students work on individual vocal tone production within the required small group lessons. Within the literature, a variety of styles are selected so that students may explore and understand the unique music of many cultures and time periods.
Students receive a full credit for participation in Chamber Singers and Women's Choir.


I. Lessons and Performances Lessons: Students will be scheduled for 40 minutes out of study halls (usually 4 per quarter) for their lessons. Students who are absent on the day of the lesson are responsible for scheduling a make-up time with Mrs. Murphy in order to receive credit.
Students who are unable to be scheduled for a lesson during their study hall may earn points by setting up an alternative arrangement with the director. These alternate arrangements usually consist of meeting with the director after school in order to review the lesson material. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this arrangement with Mrs. Murphy at the beginning of each quarter.
After School/Evening Rehearsals:
Since Chorale is scheduled in a variety of class periods throughout the red/white days, mandatory evening rehearsals are used in order for the full Chorale ensemble to have a chance to rehearse before the concert. These added rehearsals (approx. 2 per semester) are a requirement for the coursework and are a graded activity. The proposed dates are listed in the calendar. If the dates need to be changed, students will be given adequate notice. Students will be excused from these rehearsals if a true conflict (ie. Sports, church, doctor appointment) is brought to Mrs. Murphy's attention before the date of the rehearsal.
Chorus is a performing organization, and one of our primary goals is that we work towards learning the music to be presented in our concerts. In these performances, as in other team efforts in real life, every individual part plays an important role. For this reason, concert attendance is mandatory. In addition, we in the music department strongly feel that this policy teaches students the value of honoring commitments. People are often judged by their ability or inability to honor their commitments. We feel that honoring commitments is a valuable lesson and sets a standard for future behavior. Participation in the end of semester concerts is the major portion of the mid term/final grade.
If a student finds his/her self in conflict with a scheduled event, every effort should be made to notify Mrs. Murphy as soon as possible. In an emergency type of situation, please do not hesitate to email or call and leave a message on the voice mail at school (236-7800 ext. 295). Although students will not be able to earn points for attending the concert (depending upon the situation), they will not lose all points as in the case of an unexcused absence.
If a student has an unexcused absence from a concert, he/she will not only be unable to earn credit for the grade but may place his/her membership in the chorus in jeopardy.
Students who are absent from a concert due to illness must have their parents contact Mrs. Murphy prior to the concert in order to be excused. Leaving a voicemail at school is acceptable. Provisions will be made for these students to earn concert credit.
II. Homework, Quizzes, Tests
Students who are absent on the day of an exam or quiz must make arrangements to make it up within 3 days of their return to school. It is the student's responsibility to set up the make-up exam time with Mrs. Murphy.
III. Class Participation
Earning an A+ in this area means that the student meets the following rehearsal expectations:
• Prepared to sing with music, pencil, appropriate posture, and no gum • Attentive and focused during rehearsals • Follows through on all directions within the rehearsal • Is punctual in attendance; late attendance (tardy) subtracts points from a
student's participation grade • Contributes positively to the learning atmosphere.
Students who are absent from school must make arrangements to make up missed class work within 3 days of the absence. Usually the make-up work consists of participating in an extra lesson, or working with CDs or a computer music program.
If you are “vocally” sick during the school day, but not sick enough to stay home - you must still participate in the rehearsal by following along in music, mouthing all lyrics, and marking music with pencil. Students who fall into this category should check in with Mrs. Murphy at the beginning of the rehearsal.

Grading Policy:

Students are graded in three areas:
• lessons/evening rehearsals/small performances    35%
• homework/exams/quizzes    30%
• class participation/rehearsal skills   35%

Extra credit is rewarded for participation in:
• School Musical
• Community musical ensembles such as Downeast Singers or Church ensembles
• Acceptance to and participation in All-State or District III Choruses
• Community Service Performances • Music Theory Class
• Private Lessons
• Membership in Band or other approved ensembles
• Attending local concerts, students need to bring in programs to receive credit
To receive extra credit, students need to turn in an extra credit form before the close of each quarter.


All class information, including calendars, performance requirements and concert dress can be found at