Camden Hills Regional High School

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Ms. Orhon
Room 312 - Period R2, R4

Reference department courses.


1)    Be on time for class

2)    Be productive in class

3)    Be prepared for class

4)    Bring a pen or pencil, and your covered book to class**

5)    Be respectful of yourself and others

6)    Be willing to ask questions and learn

7)    Use a 3-ring (or comparable) binder to stay organized**

8)    Use PowerSchool, a calendar, an assignment sheet, email, and/or a planner to
         keep track of assignments and grades**

9)    Come in for help sooner rather than later

Math Directed Studies are good resource too every period of the day in the library

10) Show your sense of humor (in an appropriate way)                                            

** Represents materials you need or something you need to do for class

Independent Work (Homework) and Class Work

1)   Always write the date, the page, and your

     name at the top of every paper  

2)   Do your best and use class time to get work done

3)   Ask questions when you need to

4)   Finish your work                                                                

5)   Do your work. Independent work will be given and will be due the next class 

Grading Policy:

Categories and Percentages Used to Determine Grades

Class work 20%

Homework 25%

Quizzes 25%

Tests 30%

The Midyear and Final Exams count 20% of your semester scores

Your Final Grade for the year in Geometry is the average (mean) of your Semester I and Semester II scores

Independent Work (Homework) and Class Work 

a) First semester, independent work turned in up to one week after the due date will be accepted and graded with a penalty for each day late (unless you had an excused absence or have an accommodation which allows you extra time on assignments). Independent work turned in after one week from the due date will not be accepted for credit.

b) Second semester, independent work must be completed by the next class to receive credit (unless you had an excused absence or have an accommodation, which allows you extra time on assignments).

6)   Retake quizzes and tests that you have scores less than 76, but it must be done within a week of getting the quiz or test back. Failed quizzes/tests may only be made up to a 75. During the last week of a quarter retakes will not be granted.

7)   When you are absent, go to PowerSchool to see the assignment that is due for the next class.  You may also email me for assignments and any necessary worksheets because I can email them or get them ready for a pick up in the homework bin across from the main office.  Make sure to email me by 3pm because I do not check school email at home on a regular basis.


See PowerSchool.