Camden Hills Regional High School

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Honors Algebra II
Ms. Orhon
Room 312 - Period W1

Reference department courses.


Daily Expectations:

            Be on time.

            Be prepared for class (you have done the independent work you needed to,                   you have a pen or pencil, calculator, etc.).

            Be attentive. Cell phones must be turned off – not on vibrate.  You may not                    answer calls even from mom – emergencies can be handled through the main office.  You will not be allowed to use cell phones as calculators due to the access to information from others on cell phones.

            Be willing to ask questions and get help as needed from me or from a Math                    Directed Study Hall teacher (located in the library every period of the day).

                 The pace of this class is demanding so it’s important for you to get                                  help when you need it! 

You must maintain a 76 or higher to remain in the class.  Add/Drop is the first 2 weeks of school. 

*There will be no extra credit provided on this course.

*Super-corrections will be made available on Unit tests only if the student scores below a 76% and the grade can only be made up to a 75%.  This is a process used in some of the classes here at the high school which allows you to revisit your test, identify errors, correct them, explain the correct answer and earn points back.  You will also be allowed to retake 2 quizzes per quarter.

Grading Policy:

                        10% Class work

                        20% Independent/Homework

                        20% Quizzes

                        50% Tests/Projects

Independent work/Homework is essential to learn and practice the concepts of Geometry. During the first couple of weeks of school we will be learning useful techniques for success with that work and having it graded based on completion only. After that time period, independent/home work will be graded based on the accuracy of answers for a selection of 5 problems from the full assignment. Getting 4 out of the five correct earns a 100. Five out of five earns a 105. It is possible to earn lost points back when the following process is completed and submitted to me by the start of the next class period. You must rewrite the problem, identify and explain your error, show how to do it correctly, and provide a similar example with correct workings and solution written on the paper. When any of the 5 answers is left blank, there is an automatic deduction of 20 points. These points may not be earned back. A wrong answer is much better than no answer and workings at all. Try something and get help, if you are stuck.


See PowerSchool.