Camden Hills Regional High School

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Guided Study Hall
Ms. Delfino
Room - Period R1
This team taught class is designed to assist the Freshman student who has had difficulty in school to find success. The hardest transition for students is the movement from middle school to high school. This class will prepare students for the rigors of high school. With an emphasis on goal setting and self-advocacy, each student will find tools that can be used the rest of his or her life to help them stay organized and better understand the world around them.
Students are expected to use their school issued iPads or some other system, to maintain assignments in all classes. Students will take notes in classes and use those notes to study for tests and quizzes. Students should keep an open mind about what they can do and what is possible in their world.
Grading Policy:
For school year 13-14, this class is a pilot program. If worthwhile and approved by the board, Guided Study Hall will be credit bearing when it opens in the next school year.
All assignments directly relate to what students are doing in their academic classes.
You can access Guided Study Hall on iTunes U with the code ELZ-Y8R-HPC