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Trig & Adv Math Topics
Room 219 - Period Red 4

This course is designed to solidify students’ algebraic skills while exploring various new topics. A primary focus will be on the study of functions. Different types of functions that may be studied include Polynomial, Rational, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic.  One semester of trigonometry is included.   Other topics that may be covered include conic sections, polar coordinates, and parametric equations.



It is important to come prepared and on time to class with a notebook, textbook, charged iPad, pencil, calculator, and completed homework every day in order to get the most out of class.  I strongly encourage well-organized and thoughtful note-taking and participation, and further research outside of class on intriguing topics. 

I will post my availability on the board each week for extra help with any concepts we cover.  Utilizing directed studies will greatly benefit students also!  All assignments are also posted on Powerschool/Schoology daily, and there will often be time to begin them in class. 

Arriving late to class is strongly discouraged as it takes time away from the learning of all students in the class.  Making up time after school may be requested if it is a consistent issue.  As is outlined in the handbook, academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Respect is also a must in my classroom.  If students are found to be disrespectful towards anybody they will receive a verbal warning, and further disciplinary action if necessary.  Any other disruptions that affect the learning of students are not welcome and will be dealt with accordingly.  If a student is asked to stay after school with me that is expected to be done the following day unless other arrangements are made.  Cell phones should be put away during the class period unless they are being used for an academic purpose.  Otherwise students should be utilizing their school issued iPads or another comparable device.

With all of that out of the way, the class should be enjoyable, and I am very excited to begin the year with you all!  

Grading Policy:

                  Semester 1: 20% Midterm; 40% Quarter 1; 40% Quarter 2

                   Semester 2: 20% Final; 40% Quarter 3; 40% Quarter 4

                   Semester 1 and 2 each account for 50% of the year grade.

    Quarter grades will consist of formative assessments (4 points), quiz scores (10-20 points), tests scores (100 points), as well as a few different assessments from time to time.


A+ 99-100                          C+ 83-84

A 95-98                               C 78-82

A- 93-94                              C- 76-77

B+ 91-92                              D 72-73

B 87-90                                D- 70-71

B- 85-86                               F 0-69


Formative Assessments:  

Formative assessments will include homework and classwork.  Homework may take on different forms from the traditional problem sets, to watching videos and taking notes.  There will be daily warm-up questions on a Socrative Student app on the iPads, which will include a question from the homework.  I will collect all formative work assigned for the unit either on the day of a quiz or test.  Any work not handed in will be marked down for being late.  The class will be structured so that there is a lot of time to work in class, and ample time to ask for help if need be.  

 Summative Assessments:  

I will quiz regularly to make sure students understand everything as we go through a unit.  Small quizzes will take place about once a week.  Students may retake any quizzes before the end of the unit.  We will have summative tests at the end of each unit.  I will notify students of tests coming up well in advance.  Students may make corrections to any summative assessments they did not receive a satisfactory score on, for half points back.  Forms for retaking and corrections can be found in Ms. Hanley's room or on Schoology.  Students will need to complete a series of formative work before retaking any summative assessments. If a student misses a test or quiz, their name will be put up on the board as a reminder to schedule a time to make it up.  A zero will be entered into Powerschool/Schoology for any summatives that are missed.  Once they have made up the test, the zero will be replaced with their actual score.

This class will also incorporate a few alternative summative assessments from time to time which will be detailed as they occur in the unit.