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US History I
Mr. Grey
Room 321 - Period Red 4, White 1, 2

Course Description: United States History I is a two semester course that most students take as sophomores.  The first semester, called United States History 1-1, will cover United States History from pre-Colombian days to the Jacksonian era.  The second semester, called United States History 1-2, begins with the Jacksonian era and continues through the “gilded age”, approximately to 1900.  There are two levels of this course offered, honors and college prep.  Students are encouraged to take the course that challenges them to the best of their abilities. There is no prerequisite for any of these courses, although students who wish to take Advanced Placement United States History II as a junior are encouraged to take the honors course.  In addition, there is a summer reading assignment for students who enroll in the honors sections.  While assignments and teaching strategies vary according to the instructor, the basic content for all courses is listed below.


First Semester Course Outline: United States History 1-1


Unit 1:  Colonial America pre 1600’s to 1754

Unit 2:  Revolutionary America 1754-1789

Unit 3:  United States Constitution

Unit 4:  Application of the Constitution:  George Washington through John Quincy Adams


Second Semester Course Outline:  United State History 1-2


Unit 1:  From Andrew Jackson to James K. Polk

Unit 2:  Manifest Destiny and Conflicting Agendas

Unit 3:  Economic Transformations and Social Developments pre Civil War

Unit 4:  Sectionalism, the Civil War, and Reconstruction

Unit 5:  Industrialization and its Effects in Post Civil War America



1.  Daily and weekly assignments for each unit will be distributed during the unit. These include homework readings and activities, individual and group reports, essays, mini-research activities, quizzes and tests, and notebook checks.  Students will be responsible for meeting set deadlines. 

There will be a test or concluding activity at the end of each unit.  All assignments for the unit must be submitted before the unit test or concluding activity if credit is to be given.

 1. YOU MUST HAVE A THREE-RING NOTEBOOK.  There will be a great deal of material that will need to be put into a 3-ring binder.   This notebook should also have paper that can be used for taking class notes.  There will be notebook checks that are treated as a class grade.  If you do not have your notebook with you in class, you will receive a Zero for that class grade.  Notebook checks CAN NOT be made up.  Bring your notebook to every class.

2.  Attendance and make-up:  Students who have an attendance problem will have a very hard time passing this course.  Most of the material needed on major assignments is material covered in class.  It is extremely difficult to have any idea of what is going on unless the student is present in class.

            a.   Students are responsible for making up assignments immediately after being absent.  Any unexcused absence (for skipping class or school) results in a zero for that day.

            b.  If you are absent from class, you should see your teacher the day you return to school,   


            c.  If you are dismissed from school before class meets on a given day or if you come intoschool after the class has met, YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR TEACHERIMMEDIATELY, so that you will be able to get the assignments for the next class period.

            d. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class or they will be marked as received late.

Classroom Behavior:


1) Follow posted Classroom rules!

            A) Respect, Have fun, Save the world when you can.

2)  Leaving the classroom.

            A) No student shall leave the class without a pass.  Each class has a boys and girls pass.  You must fill it out and have me sign it, if the pass is gone, you must wait for its return! We will not have more than 2 students in the halls at the same time!

Library passes and hall passes will be handwritten with your destination printed on them,  some may need a return signature from another teacher.

            There is a bathroom is approximately 30 steps away, so bathroom time should not exceed 7 minutes. (This is a general time frame)  The Bathroom pass is NOT a hall pass will go no place but the bathroom on this floor. Got it?! If you abuse it you will lose it! (That makes for a long 80 minutes)

            Students may leave class only once during a class period. (Get your water on the way back from the bathroom)

3)  No eating in class.

            The Administration of our school prefers that all food be left in the cafeteria.  Besides, eating in front of others is rude. Finish your break and lunch food during those times please.

4)  Drinks in class.

            Appropriate drinks are permitted in class, but no glass containers.  If any containers are left for me to pick up, the whole class will lose this privilege.  Police each other.

5)  Use Technology appropriately!

            Do NOT text, read text, chat, video, call, play games, or anything else with technology that will distract you, your peers or your teacher during class time!  Miss use of technology will result in the loss of technology!

6)  Tardy for class.

            A)  Being on time is an important skill, therefore, all students are expected to be in class BEFORE the final bell.  If you are late because of another teacher or meeting, bring a signed and timed note!

            B)  1st = 10 minutes, 2nd= 25 minutes , 3rd = 40 minutes and a social studies conference may be held,4th= office detention and follow up S.S. conference.  You can be asked to leave the class if your tardiness continues. If you don’t want to be here, change classes.

            C)  Students must come prepared for class.  Having to leave class to get your books or materials will be considered a Tardy.

7)No foul or offensive language in school.  No harassment of any kind!

            Any harassment will result in being asked to leave class(possibly permanently!!), and the student will not be allowed back to class without a conference.  I take harassment very seriously so DON’T START!

8) A seating chart will be assigned, live with it for now.

9)  Substitutes or Guest speakers to our class.

            It is expected that anyone entering our classroom will be treated with dignity and respect!  Anything less will result in discipline for the entire class.  Do not let your classmates ruin our good name!

10) other

Grading Policy:

2.  Grading:  This course will include regular homework assignments, in class work, and periodic test and quizzes, presentation, and research projects.  Knowledge, skills, class behavior, and participation will be evaluated throughout the course using a variety of assessment tools.


Assignments or tests may vary in weight in their category.  (Example:  A Unit test could be worth 5 X more than a quiz.)


Each quarter will count 45% and the semester exam will count 10% of the semester grade.


Make up grades:


Students are expected to make every effort to keep up with assignments when they are absent.  The school late policy will be followed. If you miss a class, you have one class to make it up.  If extenuating circumstances exist, then the student should meet with the teacher to set up an appropriate time to make up the work with out penalty. If no contact is made, see Late Homework for penalties.


Failed test:

If a student fails a test or quiz, they may make that grade up to a passing 70% (D-). The retake must take place on YOUR OWN TIME, which is after school, or before school. (NOT DURING STUDY HALL)


Late homework:

If a student does not have their homework complete by the due date (at the beginning of class!) the best grade a student can receive for that assignment will be a 70%.  The assignment must meet the criteria for an A grade to receive the 70%, any thing less and the grade will drop accordingly.  The assignment must be completed by the following class unless the teacher agrees to an extension.

If a student fails an assignment/test they may also receive a 70% with agreement from teacher, and as long as it is turned in no later than 2 class periods after missed date. (Honest effort is what I am looking for!) Test are made up after school and can be corrected using students notebook and textbook. When all wrong answers are corrected and test is brought up to a 100%, then the student will earn a grade of 70%.

You have ONE shot at the 70%. If you do not do “A” work on the make-up you will receive 69% or lower. (BUT...$60 is better than $10 right??)


Assignments are located on the board at the front of the room and all assignments will be distributed through the Ebackpack app on students Ipad.