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Latin III/IV Poetry
Mr. Kinney
Room 220 - Period White 3 and 4

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This course will introduce you to Latin poetry through the works of Virgil, Catullus, Ovid, and Martial.




Latin III/IV is an elective. Students who choose to take Latin are expected to work hard and be active and enthusiastic participants in class. Students are expected to always bring to class their text book and notebook. If a student is absent from class, he or she is responsible for promptly completing any missed work. Students are also expected to ask questions if they don't understand the material. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.  

Grading Policy:

 Quizzes: 40%

Tests: 30%

Homework: 20%

Participation: 10%


Students are expected to be reliable and conscientious in their preparation for class. Homework will be checked in class everyday. Late homework will not be accepted. Late projects will be deducted a half letter grade each day the assignment is late. Homework, projects, and papers turned in after two weeks from the due date will not be accepted. There are many opportunities for extra credit.  


Quarter One: 


Aeneid Bk. 1 1-12, 148-156, 198-207, 254-278

Aeneid Bk. 2 1-35, 199-233

Read Bk. 1, 2, 3 in English 



Review all 5 noun declensions

Review adjectives (agreement and degrees) 



Introduction to Virgil

Geography of the Aeneid

Dactylic hexameter and scansion


    Quarter Project:

Compose your own verse in dactylic hexameter 



Quarter Two:


Aeneid Bk. IV 1-23, 160-183, 279-297

Read Bk. 4, 5, and 6 in English



Review indicative verbs including irregular, deponent, and defective. 

Review participles, imperatives, infinitives, gerunds/gerundives, and supines

Learn active and passive periphrastics


Quarter Three: 


Ovid Pyramus and Thisbe 



Review subjunctive forms and uses    



Introduce Ovid 


Quarter Four:      


Catullus poems 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 43, 51, 70, 84, 85, 101 

Martial, Propertius, or Virgil's Eclogues and Georgics (time permitting) 



Review all pronoun forms and uses



Introduce Catullus 

Learn elegiac and phalaecean meters

Introduce Martial and Propertius