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Ms. Margo Murphy

High School Teacher
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telephone: 236-7800 x 3118

I have been teaching for 32 Years.  This is my 10th year at CHRHS.  Prior to coming to CHRHS I taught at Georges Valley HS in Thomaston, which is now part of Oceanside East and West.  

I have been involved in many different aspects of science education.  A major interest and focus has been to understand content and concepts that students will need in order to be full and active participants in our changing world.  As a result, I have worked on state and national standards efforts, created partnerships that connect students with projects that are focused on awareness and action to solve real issues, and used my voice and experience to influence how students engage in their learning.

I serve on two boards that are involved in improving STEM education in all aspects of the educational system.  One board is the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance focused on Maine initiatives. The other is the Teacher Advisory Council for the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine/ National Research Council. I chair this board where the mission is to: 

  • Increase the usefulness, relevance, and communication of research to educational practice
  • Help the research community develop new research that is informed by practice
  • Provide advice about how other National Academies programs, initiatives, and recommendations can be most effectively implemented in schools
  • Offer guidance about how the National Academies can best communicate with the teaching community in the United States.”

I am currently serving as an NSTA/ NCTM STEM Ambassador.  We are helping to lend our voice and experience in a wide variety of forums across the country that will help to keep science and STEM education growing.

I am a long time registered Maine guide but mostly canoe/kayak, swim, bike and hike these days with friends and family rather than clients.  Experiencing the world is important in my family.  We travel often, near and far.  I have a daughter that recently graduated from Colby College where she is living and working in Boston in marine sciences and data management.  I also have a son that is a senior here at CHRHS planning his next steps.