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Honors Global Science
Ms. Murphy
Room 211 - Period


To access the class website:  Honors Global Science Class Website

HONORS GLOBAL SCIENCE    Grade 9                      1 Credit
Course Description
This course was developed based on four assumptions of high school science: (1) the study science should be meaningful for all students; (2) science is best learned by experimentation and the analysis of data; (3) student interest is best kept by using relevant material; and (4) all students should understand science in terms of systems, with emphasis on the Earth ecosystem. Global Science helps students develop basic scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes that will be further expanded in grades 10-12. Students will be asked to observe, analyze and draw conclusions from their own lab activities as well as excerpts from current research. Biology, chemistry, earth & environmental science and physics will all be introduced and utilized.

Honors Global Science is designed for students with a keen interest in science and the ability to work independently and responsibly. The student must want, need and be capable of a greater challenge than the normal Global Science course offers. Many topics are explored in greater depth and sophistication. The entire class moves at a faster pace than Global Science. See Global Science for the general curriculum description.





Successful students will be able to think abstractly. At times they will need to solve problems and work with very little direction. They will have well developed abilities in mathematics and be able to express themselves both orally and through written word. Students will need to honestly examine their ability to devote the time and energy needed to succeed in an Honors level course.'

Attendance –This science class is designed where one topic builds upon another.  One of the hardest aspects for freshmen to understand is that class continues whether you are here or not.  This includes school related activities (sports, performances, etc). Make-up for missed in-class assignments or independent work must be completed quickly upon your return.  The longer it takes to make up missed work the more behind you will get. ALWAYS REFERENCE THE CLASS WEBSITE to get an overview of what each class was about and what is expected of you.   If you know you will be out, see me in advance to be briefed on what you will miss and to arrange for a time to make up any missed activities or assessments.  In addition, some of your work will require collaborating with peers.  If you are not there everyone is impacted.  Assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  Assignment received prior to your absence, are to be completed on time unless other arrangements have been made. Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed and make up assignments.  

 Tardies – – Any student not in the room when class begins is considered tardy unless he/she has a pass.  Tardy students do not get any extra time to catch up, complete an opening or timed activity or get extended time for tests and quizzes. 

 Participation - - Daily participation is essential to your learning and performance.  Positive participation can also make the difference between a good class and a great class.  A distinguishing feature of honors level is the ability for students to engage in discussion that analyzes and applies class content in a deep and meaningful way.  Discussion requires speaking AND listening and you will be expected to demonstrate both.  I encourage your direct involvement in all we do in class and you will be evaluated on how you positively contribute to class discussions   You will also be asked to provide feedback and evaluate this class and class activities each quarter.  Your input influences how this class is designed so please take your role seriously.

 Equipment Breakage- Each year, the science department, school administration, and school board are faced with maintaining a budget.  We in the science department are charged with maintaining our present laboratory equipment, and purchasing new equipment to keep up with enrollment and facility upgrades.  Although some breakage is often expected and acceptable, we believe that students should be held accountable, to some measure, for the equipment they use.  You will be responsible for breakage due to carelessness in the laboratory.  Please be careful with all lab equipment you will work with.

 Class Materials required for class

A bound journal. Quad-rule are preferred but a regular lined one will work.  I have them available for $1.  This will be the single most important resource of the class, although this may change somewhat once we have fully deployed the iPads.

Your iPad

Personal earphones or headset

A stylus to use for your iPad

 Classroom management – Food and drink is allowed ONLY if you clean up after yourself, it does not interfere with class activities and is not consumed during lab activities! Place empty containers in the recycling bin.

Keep hands to yourself.  There’s a lot of cool stuff in class.  If you are interested ask, but don’t freely explore cabinets and drawers.   This includes other people’s stuff as well.

Be responsible for all your actions. 

No cellphone use in class!!!  If I see a cellphone it is mine until the end of class.

Do not write on school property! 


Speak and listen with respect to each other and to me. 

Do not insult or tease others.  There will be zero tolerance for rude, sarcastic, immature or harassing behavior. Please let me know if there is anything happening that is making anyone uncomfortable.

If you must leave class WAIT until it is an appropriate time to exit.  The best time is during independent and group time.  I discourage leaving at all.  If you miss something, it won’t be repeated and you might miss instruction of discussion.

 Substitutes – If there is a substitute covering for me, I expect your best behavior.  I will usually post the assignment and instructions on my website that I give the sub so there is no confusion on what you must complete in class.  Often if I am out I can be contacted via email.  If the substitute should leave a note highlighting inappropriate behavior on your part, there will be no negotiating whether it is true or not, you will receive three 1-hour detentions.  

 iPad Use – Your iPad is school property and was purchased to enhance learning.  DO NOT use your iPad during class time unless instructed to do so.  Make sure you stay on task with iPad use.

 Honor code – Please be sure to review this in your student handbook.  Your work must be your own.

Email:  Everyone will be required to have a school Gmail account that your name is associated with.  You may link your regular email to this account but this will be your primary school account. 



Grading Policy:


The grade in class is determined by demonstrating your performance of learning expectations through tests, quizzes, goalless problems, labs, assignments and projects.  These learning expectations are reviewed at the beginning of each unit.  

Each different type of graded assignment will have different points, ranging from 10 - 200 points.  An assignment that is 200 points requires much greater effort or is more complex.  You will know the points for each assignment when it is introduced and the larger summative assignments will also include rubrics. Graded work is divided into two categories.  Each category is 50% of your grade.

Tests, Quizzes and goalless problems will be 50% of your grade

Labs, projects and various graded assignments will be 50% of your grade.  

In addition to graded assignments there will be lots of practice assignments over concepts and skills being introduced.  Practice assignments will be corrected and feedback provided of a 3, 2, 1, or 0.  Practice assignments do not influence a student's grade except that most students find that practice assignments help them do better in their graded work.  The feedback on practice work uses the following scale:

3 = you have demonstrated clear evidence of understanding.

2 = you are getting there but are missing some parts

1 = you are still struggling and need help

0 = you did not attempt the assignment

Practice assignments are meant to give you opportunity to practice before you have to demonstrate, by applying, what you know.  Late practice assignments will not be corrected or given feedback and will go in the gradebook as a 0 which means you did not take the opportunity to practice.  Practice assignments are recorded in powerschool but, again, do not impact your grade.  


All assignments can be accessed from the