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Discovering Foods
Mrs. Wells
Room 231 - Period W 3 & 4
This course will provide students with the hands on opportunity to learn about food preparation skills and the science of cooking while preparing recipes in a laboratory context. This is a course where science can taste good! Students learn how to make and cook pasta from scratch; explore cheeses from around the world; how eggs are used in cooking and about the many fruits available and much more. Focus of the class deals with food preparation techniques, learning how to use kitchen equipment properly, nutrition and consumer skills while exploring new flavors and working in a safe and clean environment.

An individual food budget will be maintained by each student. Students will be required to use the computer to develop and present mini-research projects. Students will maintain a food budget, plan and organize each cooking lab. Any missed laboratory experiences will need to made-up. 

Grading Policy:
Cooking labs are based on total points: Planning (includes food budget), preparation, cleaning, reflections.
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