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Honors United States History II
Mrs. Dailey
Room 320 - Period Not teaching 2013-2014

Honors United States History II, Fall Semester, will incorporate topics from conquest of the Far West and Industrialization to the fighting of World War I and the New Deal.   The Second Semester will incorporate topics from World War II to the present.  Through the focus of Essential Questions, we will discuss the modernization of the United States through themes of geography, economics, religion and government.  

This is an honors level class and it is discussion based.  We will focus on and assess the following skills:  critical thinking, oral presentation, thesis-based argument writing, debate, literature discussion, free response writing. 


Grading/Student Work:

Ø         For the major assignments of Peer/co-teaching there will not be the opportunity to “redo”.  We will, however, have ample time to work together to ensure the best quality of work will be presented.

 Ø       For the major writing assignments like DBQs, one re-write per paper will be built into the schedule.  This is voluntary and the two grades will be averaged together. 

Ø         LATE WORK:  If the work is to prepare for the next day’s class, I will be clear about this and the work is expected to be complete.  Otherwise it is a zero (0).

            If the work is longer term and it is late, you will have 2 weeks to turn it in for 70% of the earned grade.  If you turn it in more than 2 weeks late, you may earn only 50% of the earned grade.


Ø  The school policy is clearly defined in your assignment notebook/ student handbook.

Ø  Students who have trouble with attendance will have trouble passing this class.  Most of the material needed on major assessments is material we discussed during class, not in a textbook.  As this class is discussion/seminar based, when absent, reading will be assigned. 

Ø  Students are responsible for making up any assignments immediately after being absent.  Any unexcused absence (skipping class or school) will result in disciplinary action by the administration.


Grading Policy:

1.              The class focuses on skills as well as demonstration of content knowledge. 

2.              Grading:

Peer/Co-Teaching Project - 25%

DBQs- 15%

Journal/Reflection – 25%

Policy Paper – 10%

Daily class participation – 10%

Literature Discussion – 15%



Assignments are posted in advance on PowerSchool. This may be the best way to know if your student has homework due.