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Advanced Placement United States History
Mrs. Dailey
Room 320 - Period Red 1, Red 2

Camden Hills Regional High School

AP United States History

Student Course Description and General Expectations

Course Description:  Advanced Placement United States History concentrates on the post Civil War period to the present; however, considerable time is spent reviewing key material from United States History I, taken in Grade 10, in preparation for the AP test in May.  If you do not wish to take the AP test, you should consider taking Honors United States History II since the major purpose of this course is to prepare you for this test.  Students are expected to be active members of the class rather than passive receivers of facts.  Students will be challenged with many in-class document-based essays (DBQ’s) throughout the year although some DBQ’s will be out-of-class assignments.  Students who enroll in class should be self-motivated and should be willing to do a substantial amount of reading, writing, speaking, thinking and analyzing.  The summer assignment will be The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  Following the AP test in May, students will work on a current national and/or world research presentation.


Text:  Alan Brinkley’s The Unfinished Nation (McGraw-Hill)


Course Outline:

Review:  Review of post Civil War America

Unit 1:  The Progressive Movement

Unit 2:  American Imperialism, World War I, and Versailles

Unit 3:  The Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and the New Deal

Unit 4:  Causes, Major Events and Results of World War II

Unit 5:  Post World War II:  Foreign and Domestic Issues with Truman and Eisenhower

Unit 6:  United States Foreign and Domestic Policies from 1961-1981

Unit 7: United States Foreign and Domestic Policies from 1981 to the present

Review for AP test

Post AP test projects



1. A daily assignment schedule will be passed out at the beginning of each unit.


2. Students who are absent should check to see what homework will be due when they return. Students will be expected to have this homework done except in unusual extenuating circumstances.


3. Class Organization: All materials can be found on Google Classroom and iTunesU.

Grading Policy:

1. Grading Scale:

            Reading Check – 10 points (total of 450 points per semester)

            DBQs – 100 points

            Academic Essays – 100 points

            Primary Source Analysis – 25 points

            Author’s Thesis – 25 points

            You Be the Judge – 25 points

            Six Degrees of Separation – 25 points

            Making Connections – 25 points

            What’s the Story, Morning Glory? – 25 points

            History In the Making – 25 points

            Unit Tests – 100 points

2. When determining the first semester grade, the first and second quarters count 42.5% each and the semester test counts 15%. When determining the second semester grade, the third and fourth quarters count 42.5% each and the post AP test project counts 15%.



We use iTunesU. Feel free to request access to the course.

The enroll code is: JRT-4SQ-J65.

Your student can help you do this. It can be done on an iPad or a computer. 


Assignments are posted in advance on PowerSchool. This may be the best way to know if your student has homework due.