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United States History II
Mrs. Dailey
Room 320 - Period R4, W1, W2

Camden Hills Regional High School

United States History II

Ms. Alexander


Telephone:  236-7800 x 320

United States History II will incorporate topics from Industrialization to the present. In the first Semester, we will reach the origins of the Cold War.  Through the focus of Essential Questions, we will discuss the modernization of the United States through themes of geography, economics, religion and government. Each semester offers 0.5 credits. Graduation requires both semesters 0.5 credits.

 This is a college preparation class and it is discussion based.  We will focus on and assess the following skills:  critical thinking, oral presentation, thesis-based argument writing, debate, literature discussion, free response writing.  


Course Expectations:

Grading/Student Work:

 Ø       For the major writing assignments like Essays/DBQs, one re-write per paper will be built into the schedule.  This is voluntary and second grade will replace the first. 


            For reading assignments: Of the 5 assignments, two (quiz and reading reflection) are in class – those must be taken on that day. If you did not prepare, that is on you.

            For reading assignments: OF the 5 assignments, three (SQR3, Online Discussion, Window Boxes) are to be completed out of class. If you turn this in on time the work will be graded out of 25 points. One DAY (not class period) late, it will be out of 20 points. (80%)Two DAYS (as in next class period) late and it will be scored out of 15 points. (60%) After that… no credit will be given.


            If the work is longer term and it is late, you will have 2 weeks to turn it in for 70% of the earned grade.  If you turn it in more than 2 weeks late, you may earn only 50% of the earned grade. 



The school policy is clearly defined in your student handbook.


Students are responsible for making up any assignments immediately after being absent.  Any unexcused absence (skipping class or school) will result in disciplinary action by the administration.

Grading Policy:


  1. The class focuses on skills as well as demonstration of content knowledge. 
  2. Grading:

Reading Assignments: 10 points a day (between 400 and 450 points a Quarter)*see below

                        Essay/DBQ: 100 points (1 per quarter, minimum)

                        Project Based Learning: 100 points each (2 per Quarter)

                        In Class Activities: 25 points each (varies by Quarter)


We are using Google Classroom. It is web based so that you can access it on your computer too. Your student will be able to show you around!

Assignments are posted in advance on PowerSchool. This may be the best way to know if your student has homework due.