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English 9 - 12
Room 470 - Period
Rising Tide Program -  English 9, 10, 11 and 12

The English courses for our students are directly correlated with the general education curriculum of the CHRHS staff.  Accommodations and modifications as indicated in the IEP are implemented, as well as individual strategies and supports.
The grade level taught in Rising Tide is correlated with the general education English teacher at that level.

Departmental Outcomes

Essential Questions in English Education

Why is effective communication important?

Why are writing and reading important?

What skills and knowledge do people need in order to use the English language to communicate effectively?

What’s the most effective form of communication for a specific audience and purpose?

What are the characteristics of strong analytical thought?

What are the characteristics of  quality writing?

What steps are useful for creating quality writing?

What are the characteristics of quality literature?

What techniques does an author use to develop quality literature?

What can literature teach us about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live?

English Department Instructional Objectives

Students will be able to use the English language to communicate effectively through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Students will be able to use the writing process as a means of effective composition.

Students will be able to use applicable rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics in their writing.

Students will develop and use critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and speaking processes.

Students will understand the impact and influence of great works of literature.

Students will be able to analyze major American and world texts in light of their cultural context.

Students will be able to develop a deeper understanding of diversity in society through literature.


The Camden Hills Regional High School English Department firmly believes that a four-year English language arts curriculum is essential for all students.  Effective communication skills optimize students' potential for living and working productively in a global community.  In addition, the study of literature enhances students' understanding of themselves and helps them realize and appreciate the diversities, the commonalties and the complexities of the human condition.  The four-year sequence of courses, which is aligned to the Common Core, allows students to continually deepen and broaden their knowledge bases for these skills, yielding students well-prepared for their post graduate experiences.


There are daily expectations with our students, reflected in their point sheets for the Rising Tide program. We have five "Levels", and the students have the opportunity to 'graduate' to the next level as they progress in their skills.

There are three categories for behavioral skills in the classroom: 
and an individual therapeutic goal that is coordinated with Harbor Family Services counselor and the Rising Tide team.
Grading Policy:
Grading policy for English follows CHRHS department criteria.
Assignments are listed on Power School.