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Honors Music Theory
Ms. Rowe
Room - Period

Prerequisite: Minimum of B average in Introduction to Piano & Music Theory or by approval of the instructor.  In addition, students must be able to proficiently read written music and match pitch.


Course Description: This course is designed to enhance student musicianship and acts as a college preparatory course for music entrance examinations.  There is a significant amount of homework and independent study involved.

             The course is divided into three content areas:

            Theory Application = intervals, rhythm, triads, scale study, clefs, harmonic analysis, transposition, modes, jazz harmony, 4-part vocal writing, keyboard & instrumental writing.

            Singing = all intervals, scales & basic sight singing ability in 2 clefs in major & minor keys. 

            Ear Training = identification of all intervals, basic melodic dictation and chordal identification.


1.              Students will hand in all assignments on time.  Late assignments will be penalized 1 letter grade per day.


2.              Students will keep an organized notebook of all assignments, notes, handouts and quizzes.


3.              Students who are absent for class are expected to turn in any assigned homework due that day by the next class period.  It is the students’ responsibility to obtain any information & assignments from the class missed.  Students will have one class period to make up any assigned work.



Grading Policy:

Grades will be determined by the average of homework (40%), quizzes (35 %), notebook (10%) and a final exam (15%).