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History of Rock and Roll
Ms. Rowe
Room 293 - Period Red 1

This semester course is designed for the student without musical background.   The class will examine the history of rock and roll from its origins to the popular music of the 20th century.   This history will also include the political, demographic, social and technological influences of “rock and roll” upon our society.   In addition, and through the study of this genre, students will learn fundamental concepts in music and ways that these concepts changed throughout the evolution of Rock music.  There will be considerable listening and research of the variety of styles of rock music.  The course is offered for a semester and assigned .5 credits.



Students are expected to turn in all assignments on time and to do the necessary reading and research outside of class.   Late assignments will be penalized 10% per class period absent.   Students who are absent on the day an assignment is due must turn in the assignment upon their return to the next class.   It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any make-up work.  Students are expected to be an active and respectful participant in all classroom activities.

Grading Policy:

Grading will be as follows:


                        Homework = 30%

                        Quizzes/Tests/Presentations/Projects = 40%

                        Discussion = 20%

                        Mid-Term/Final = 10%