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Concert Band
Ms. Rowe
Room - Period Red 3A

Grades 9-12, year course for .5 credit (1/2 period)

Prerequisite:  A minimum of 3 years enrollment in middle school band or by permission by the instructor based upon an audition.


Course Description:  The CHRHS Concert Band is designed to teach students the fundamental skills of performance on a wind/percussion instrument.  Through the study of an instrument and of quality band literature, students will learn to perform and appreciate music of variety of genres and cultures.    Students who participate in this program will learn skills to help them enjoy music, whether as an active participant or a critical listener for their entire adult life.


1.     Attendance to all performances and rehearsals are mandatory. The ensemble typically performs 3 to 4 times per year as follows:  Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Memorial Day Parade, 3 or more Pep Band events and an away performance or occasional trip.


2.     Regular attendance to music lessons. These lessons occur approximately 5 times per quarter for 40 minutes. Students are released from study halls to attend. Alternative arrangements are made for students who do not have study halls.


3.        A suggested minimum of 3 days per week of practice although preparation time may vary dependent upon individual skill.

Grading Policy:

Students grades will be determined by the number of points earned through lesson attendance, concert attendance, homework, exams, quizzes, class participation and preparation of band music.



    1/4 of the student’s grade will be determined by attendance to lessons and concerts. Students will be scheduled for 40 minutes out of study halls (usually 4 or 5 times per quarter). Students who are absent on the day of the lesson are responsible for scheduling a make-up time with Ms. Rowe in order to receive credit. Make-up lessons will not be allowed for students who forget to or choose not to attend their lessons.



    Students who are unable to be scheduled for a lesson during the school day may earn lesson credit by setting up an alternative arrangement with the director. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate this arrangement with Ms. Rowe at the beginning of each quarter.



    Since band is a performing organization, one of the primary goals that we work towards is our concerts. In these performances, as in other team efforts in real life, every individual part plays a role. For this reason, attendance is mandatory. In addition, I strongly feel that this policy teaches students the value of honoring commitments. I feel that honoring a commitment to anything for which one is obligated holds a valuable lesson and sets a standard for future behavior.



    If students find themselves in a conflict with a scheduled event, every effort should be made to notify the band director as soon as possible. In an emergency type of situation, please do not hesitate to call me at home at any time of day or night (691-6547). Although students will not be able to earn points for attending the concert (depending upon the situation), they will not lose points as in the case of an unexcused absence as follows.



    If a student has an unexcused absence from a concert (an unexcused absence is one that has not been excused in advance by the director) he/she will not only be unable to earn points for the grade but may place his/her membership in the band in jeopardy.


    Students who are absent from a concert due to illness must have their parents contact Ms. Rowe prior to the concert in order to be excused. Once again, do not hesitate to call me at home in this instance. Provisions will be made for these students to earn concert points.

      Band members are also required to perform at three home athletic events. For these games, the band will be divided in half and each student will be assigned a band (Red Band & White Band). If a student is unable to attend a game for which he/she has been assigned, they are welcome to trade games with a student on a similar part in the other band. All “swaps” must be approved, in advance, by the director. Basketball players who are unable to meet this requirement must contact Ms. Rowe to receive a “make-up” assignment. 

           The dates for all performance may be found at the following wikispace:

Students who choose to perform at more than three events will earn extra credit. In addition, students who perform at the basketball tournament in February may earn points towards a possible overnight trip!

1/4 of the student’s grade will be determined by the average of homework/quizzes and a quarter exam. Late homework will be penalized. Students must take performing exams and quizzes at the scheduled time (usually during lessons).



    1/4 of the students grade will be given in “class participation”. Earning 100 points in this area means that the student meets the following rehearsal expectations:



1.    Prepared to play with working instrument, music, pencil.     


2.    Attentive and focused during rehearsals.     


3.    Is punctual in attendance.     


4.    Contributes positively to the learning atmosphere.



    The final 1/4 of the grade is based upon the preparation of band music. The director will periodically assess how well each student is performing their music throughout the quarter and assign a grade.    This grade may fluctuate throughout each quarter.



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