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English IV--Warrior Tales
Room 124 - Period
Warrior Tales explores how the idea of the warrior has evolved over time from the earliest examples known in literature up to present conceptions and expectations of today’s soldier “warriors.”  Discussions about chivalry, loyalty, honor, brutality and the place of the warrior as a role model within a cultural context will underlie discussions of all texts.
HONORS OPTION: Students choosing to take this course for honors credit will need to complete one additional reading and writing assignment per quarter.  Honors students’ work will be held to higher honors level expectations.  Non-honors students will answer fewer reading quiz questions for the same credit.  Students will make a binding choice for honors or non-honors credit by the end of the second week of class.

Assignments are posted on Schoology.  


Students will be able to:

  • Read and understand the significance of warrior traditions across the ages
  • Articulate the level to which the storyteller shapes the message
  • Apply warrior codes to modern combatants
  • Analyze how visual texts communicate attitudes toward warriors and war
  • Analyze stories for evidence of civility and brutality in war situations and the consequences
  • Synthesize multiple texts/perspectives in search for common themes or differences across cultures

Download Warrior Tales Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf

Grading Policy:

50% PROCESS (Informal work through which student is developing knowledge: in-class projects, overnight design assignments, rough drafts of major work, reading quizzes over assigned articles, thoughtful contribution toward discussion as well as lack of distraction away from class atmosphere.)          

50% PRODUCT (Formal work that ends unit study: essays analyzing visual texts, personal essays, hands-on projects demonstrating visual awareness, major capstone self-designed project.  This type of work should reflect thoughtful development, editing, revision.)


Texts may include:

The Iliad--Homer, Lattimore translation
Beowulf--Burton Raffel translation
Grendel--John Gardner
Gawain and the Green Knight--W.S. Merwin translation
The Things They Carried--Tim O'Brien
Selected oral histories: The Good War, Piece of my Heart, Everything We Had, What Was Asked of Us
Selected video excerpts: Warrior Challenge series, 300Troy, Braveheart, Band of Brothers, Platoon, Paradise Now, The War Tapes, and Soldiers of Conscience