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English I--Freshmen English
Room 124 - Period

The course curriculum for English I: Freshman English is divided into two sections, nonfiction/informational text (1st semester) and fiction (2nd semester). Both sections are designed to enhance communication, analytical thinking, and creative reasoning skills. Fiction & Non-Fiction consists of four strands or components: literature, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. The literature strand will consist of short texts and selected book-length novels and novellas, both fiction and nonfiction/informational text.  The writing strand includes critical analysis, rhetorical and visual analysis, research-based projects and/or any additional assignments made by Freshman English teachers. The four major units will coincide with the four academic quarters––short nonfiction, longer works of nonfiction, short story, and novel.  During each of these units students will be expected to write for a variety of purposes, demonstrate understanding through creative projects and formal assessments, use technology to enhance learning, and prepare oral presentations.  This course of study will develop students’ understanding of author’s purpose and audience.  Through analyzing a variety of texts, students will explore human nature and the vast landscape that shapes individual character. 

Link to Course Outcomes: 

Download English I Nonfiction Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf


Download English I Fiction Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf

In addition to meeting the common core state standards accessible at students will be able to:
  • Understand writer’s craft and rhetorical strategies in a variety of genres             
  • Write formally in different modes (analysis, synthesis, argument, narrative, poetry, drama) and use appropriate evidence, organization, and tone for that mode
  • Broaden vocabulary knowledge in the context of unit study
  • Identify how sentence-level grammar choices affect the power of writing
  • Undertake independent research to answer a question or solve a problem
  • Use MLA citation and create polished works cited lists/annotated bibliographies

Materials expected for class:

  • iPad or school acceptable device
  • Writing implements (pick your favorites)
  • Notebook for writing practice
  • Independent reading book (your choice)


Grading Policy:

60% PROCESS(Informal work through which student is developing knowledge: reading quizzes, in-class assignments/projects, homework, rough drafts of major work, graded discussions, etc…)

20% PRODUCT(Formal work that ends unit study: analytical essays, vocabulary tests, personal essays, projects.  This type of work should reflect thoughtful development, editing, and revision)

20% FINAL ASSESSMENT(Midterm exam at the end of 1st semester and final exam at the end of 2nd semester)


Class assignments/homework can be accessed through Schoology. Parents are encouraged to sign in and keep up to date on student progress.