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Honors Biology
Mr. Kelly
Room 118 - Period R#1, W#1

Course Title:  Honors Lab Biology

II. Course Description:

            Honors Biology is a year-long course worth 1.5 credits, and is open to both Sophomore and  Juniors who have successfully completed at least Global Science.  The class meets each day  for alternating blocks of 80 and 40 minutes.  The intent of Honors Biology is to provide    students with the depth and breadth of biological knowledge required for the continued  examination of content and processes at the college level.

            Honors level biology is taught by the molecular approach, where students strive to understand     the inter-connections of biological concepts. These concepts are divided into ten units of study:  Scientific Principles, Biochemistry, Structure of Cells, Metabolism, Mendelian Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology, Evolution, and Systems Biology.  Each unit of study provides the student with lab             inquiries that are linked to the concepts being taught. Lab  inquiries require much organization, work outside the classroom, good writing skills, attentionto detail and analytical thinking. Biology is taught at an accelerated pace and level, and        students are expected to demonstrate Students are responsible for designing and presenting projects at various times during each semester.

Grading Policy:
Exergonic and Endergonic reaction due:  Tuesday October 9th
Continuously review Learning Goals on Chemical Bonds