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Theater Performance
Mr. Ash
Room Black Box - Period W2
More information is posted on the CHRHS Drama Wikispcace

Let’s put on a show! For those who want to be involved in theatrical performance, this one’s for you! Although our major focus is on building acting skills and performing in front of an audience, students will also learn some of the basics of directing, producing, and designing for the stage. The class will produce at least one major play for an audience. Homework will consist of preparation for production(s).

Everybody will work together as an ensemble to produce the play. Some may have big parts, some small, some may be backstage, or helping with makeup, lights or sound, but all are vital members of a team. Everyone will contribute to the final result: a high-quality production.
Grading Policy:
30% Preparation for class
60% Rehearsal 
10% Performance


Monologue Assignment

Final Performance