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Technical Theater A
Mr. Ash
Room Black Box - Period W1
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Discovering what goes on behind the scenes in a theatrical production is an eye-opening experience.   Learning aspects of design, construction techniques, and learning to appreciate the aesthetics of performance can only be done hands-on.  Technical Theater A gives students the chance to explore these areas.

Students will learn how to design props and scenery for theatrical productions, then they get to build what they dreamed up. Even if you never designed anything in your life, or never held a paintbrush, you’ll discover how to make magic.




Students will learn about the design process and will assist with construction, painting, and other backstage production elements.  Students learn to collaborate with others, will hopefully be more discerning and appreciative viewers after completing the course. 

Grading Policy:
  • In-class (80% of the quarter grade)
  • Enrichment (20% of the quarter grade)
  • Final exam (10 % of the semester grade)
Classwork makes up 80% of a student’s quarterly grade. Attitude, initiative, motivation, attendence, punctuality, independence, trustworthiness, proficiency, and mastery are all determining factors. The class environment is intended to approximate that of a real job-site with the instructor-student relationship similar to that of employer-employee. Job performance and work ethic are important factors in this portion of the grade.
Going beyond what takes place in the classroom is a key to getting the most out of Tech Theater. Like homework, each student is responsible for planning and documenting his or her own enrichment activities which represent 20% of the overall grade for each quarter.
Final Exam 
The final exam represents 10% of the semester grade. Students will be evaluated on their mastery of basic theater terminology as well as their understanding of the production process.

Portfolio Assignment

Service Project