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College Prep Freshman English
Ms. Cole
Room 224 - Period Not Running

CP Freshman English focuses on sharpening, expanding, and improving your reading, speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills.  I hope you will gain a better understanding and love for the written and spoken word.  The course will be broken up into 2 distinct semesters and topics: nonfiction and fiction.  During the first semester we will be focusing on nonfiction writing and reading. Second semester will focus on short stories, novellas, novels, and dramas.  Each section will be comprised of units focusing on specific texts or skills.  You will be expected to write for a variety of purposes and demonstrate your understanding and skills through presentations, multimedia projects, and formal assessments. 

Possible Class Texts (not all texts will be read by all students)
Essays: The Norton Samper, America Now, and assorted essays and articles
Nonfiction Texts: Perfect Storm, Friday Night Lights, Into Thin Air, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Endurance, Hiroshima, Winterdance assorted choice texts and stories
Short Stories: Reading Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories, Un-Spun, assorted shorts stories
Fiction: Romeo and Juliet, Speak, Whirligig, Of Mice and Men, Fahrenheit 451, choice texts

Link to Course Outcomes: 
Download English I Nonfiction- With Standards.doc 
  Download English 1 Fiction cc aligned.doc..doc


*You are expected to complete all assignments and classwork on time.
*You are expected to be an active and engaged learner within the classroom, engaging in discussions, group work, and individual tasks.
*Please come to class on time and readywith:

            *Laptop (charged)
            *Assignment book
            *Completed assignments

*Please adhere to classroom expectations (set by class at the beginning of the year)
*Assignments are due at the beginning of class.  Have them printed and ready to hand in by the time the bell rings.  
*No electronic devices are to be used without teacher permission.  All cellphones should be turned off prior to the start of class. Failure to comply will result in the confiscation of the device for the remainder of the day and/or a detention.
*Be respectful of your classmates, your school, yourself and me.
*I am here to help you.  I am available after school for help every day until 3 pm.  If you would like to arrange to meet longer or at a different time, please let me know in advance and I will work with you to find a time.
*All major assignments will be accompanied by a detailed rubric or checklist.  It is important for you to read all directions and expectations.


If you are absent it is your responsibility to see me (or email me) for the work you missed.  You should come see me the day you return to discuss missed work and get assignments.  In addition to seeing me please check the class website.  If you have a scheduled absence, come see me prior to the day you will be out.  Speak with me if you have a valid reason for needing an extension on an assignment. Communication is key.  I am best reached through email at:


Please visit the class website (listed above) for handouts, assignments, and resources.  If you are absent you can obtain most materials from the site. Please bookmark the site and check it often.  We will use it throughout the year for a variety of assignments and activities.

About Independent Work:

Preparation––assignments to prepare or preview for subsequent lessons
Practice––exercises to follow classroom instruction
Extension––assignments to transfer new skills or concepts to new situations
Synthesis––activities to integrate many skills toward the production of a response or product

Actual time required to complete assignments will vary with each student’s study habits, academic skills, and selected course load. More rigorous courses may necessitate more independent work. If you are having difficulty managing the amount of independent work, contact your teacher.

Academic Honesty:
Please refer to page 13 of your Student Handbook.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Take notes and record assignments.
  • Be sure assignments are clear; ask questions to clarify when necessary.
  • Set aside a regular time for independent work.
  • Find a quiet, well lit, comfortable area to work.
  • Get help from parents, peers, and/or teachers when needed, but do your own work so it reflects your understanding.
  • Produce quality work that reflects your best effort.
  • Complete assignments on time.
  • Check Powerschool once per week.
  • Be proactive--communicate with teachers about deadlines and try to anticipate logistical or technical problems.

 Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Assign relevant, challenging, and meaningful independent work that reinforces classroom objectives.
  • Clearly and regularly post due dates.
  • Give clear instructions and make sure students understand the purpose of the work.
  • Give feedback and/or be timely in reviewing independent work so students can use it for assessment purposes.
  • Communicate with students and other teachers to help space assignments effectively.
  • Inform parents if a pattern of late or incomplete independent work develops.

Family/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Set a regular, uninterrupted study time each day to help minimize distractions.
  • Establish a quiet, well lit, comfortable area to work.
  • Encourage your child to check in with teachers as needed.
  • Guide your child to becoming responsible for organizing, planning, and completing independent work.
  • Check Powerschool once per week and talk to your child if there is a concern.
Grading Policy:

Workshop                                                            10%
Independent Work                                             10%
Quizzes                                                                 15%
Journal Entries/Small Prompts                       15%
Projects/Presentations/Tests                           25%
Essays/Papers                                                      25%
Final Exam                                                            10% of final grade          

Students may revise work for a percentage of points lost.  I encourage revision because students should learn from mistakes. Students should work towards mastering a skill and it often requires reflection, revision, and repetition. 

*Independent Work (homework) Procedure:  Independent work turned in up to two weeks after the due date will earn a maximum of 90% and a minimum of 50% of the original grade.  Factors that may affect the grade within this span include the number of days late, the nature of the assignment, and the specific arrangements made between the student and the teacher.

Work turned in after two weeks from the due date and prior to a summative assessment on the material covered (test of final project) will earn a maximum of 50% of the original grade or may not be accepted by the teacher.

** The score for late or missing work is subject to my discretion. Points begin being deducted on the day I grade the assignment (a letter grade a day for 5 days after which, you will be able to receive no higher than a 50%).  Missing/late preparatory work will not receive credit. 

See me if you are unable to turn your work in on time.  I will work with you to create a plan (please see me PRIOR to the due date for this consideration). 


For assignments, handouts, notes, and more information please subscribe to the class iTunes U course.   If you don't have an ios device, I post everything on PowerSchool ahead of the date it is due. 

Here are the links to the red and white iCals (updated daily):