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Metal Sculpture
Mrs. Southworth
Room 477 - Period
A student in this course will be involved in a lot of group work as well as individual projects.  He or she will be expected to work collaboratively to produce design ideas and to take those ideas from concept to fabrication.  We will focus primarily on welding, with some woodworking and other media.  Advanced joinery methods, computer aided design, and traditional drawing techniques will be discussed and utilized.  This course will occur simultaneously with Welding and is co-taught with an Applied Academics instructor.  No previous art or technology courses are necessary.
The student should be able to:
  • learn and continuously work on mastering the art of welding in all forms.
  • manipulate the materials with quality craftsmanship.
  • critique his/her work appropriately and intellectually.
  • initiate and follow through with the artistic process learned in class.
  • work independently as well as collaboratively to communicate ideas in different modes.
  • adhere to safety precautions and stay focused


Grading Policy:
Students are graded on the following
  • Design work
  • Final projects
  • Critiques
  • Quiz
  • Final exam

Metal Sculpture / Welding Syllabus            
Teachers:  Mrs. Southworth  and  Mr. Nystrom


Metal Sculpture


#1 Introductions

  • Discussions on craftsmanship, quality and expectations
  • Tour of the facility
  • Overview of tools and materials and projects
  • Explanation of Shop Maintenance
  • Warm up activities


#1 Introductions

·      Focus on perfecting skills

·      Tour of facility

·      Overview of tools and materials

·      Shop safety and rules

·      Paperwork to be signed

·      Warm up activities

#2 Design Project

  • Basic design skills
  • Planning
  • Artistic Process
  • Communicating ideas visually
  • Manipulating metal


#2 Cutting to precision

·      Hack saw

·      Angles

·      Horizontal band saw

·      Floor shear

·      Plasma cutter

#3 Calder Expressions

  • Exploring Calder’s world
  • Expressions in wire
  • Riveting techniques
  • Basic forming concepts
  • Craftsmanship
  • Cutting (plasma, shears, tin snips)
  • ARC


#3 Arc welding

·      20 lines, initials, multi-pass

·      What to look for

·      Different sticks, uses, and setting

·      Use of angle grinder & wire wheel, files, pneumatic tools

·      Cleaning welds with wire wheel & media blaster

·      Painting/coatings

·      iPad Stand

#4 Sheet metal masks

  • Tack welding
  • Chasing tools
  • Cutting (plasma, shears, tin snips)
  • Forming
  • Oxy-Acetylene


#4 Oxy-Acetylene

·      Proper settings

·      Welding 1/8” steel

·      Cutting straight & curved cuts

·      Bending machines

#5 Nail people

  • Understanding of the gesture
  • Oxy-Acetylene


#5 Nail People (same for both)

#6 Advanced Design lesson (review)

  • How to transfer your designs onto metal
  • Where do you get inspiration
  • Including accurate information (visual communication)
  • Using a cell page
  • Using your sketchbook
  • MIG


#6 Mig Welding

·      Proper settings

·      Horizontal vs. Vertical welding

·      Tack welding

·      Recognizing penetration

·      Garage rolling stool