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Jewelry Studio
Mrs. Southworth
Room 472 - Period

This course is designed as an introductory course for the student interested in making fine jewelry. The goal of this course is to continue the tradition of fine jewelry making by teaching basic design principles and requirements of good craftsmanship. Design skills are built on an awareness of design principles, an aesthetic sense, and knowledge of materials and technique. Projects will include establishing skills in forming, filing, piercing (sawing), soldering, bezel setting, surface treatment, and polishing. Students will work with nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, and sterling silver. Guest artists, homework assignments, and self and peer evaluation will supplement studio work. Students should expect to spend time beyond designated class periods to complete projects.


a. Students will be able to create original designs ideas

b. Students will be able to plan out their ideas on paper using drawing techniques learned in class.

c. Students will be able to analyze their drawings and predict possible outcomes in the technical process.

d. Students will develop aesthetic awareness

e. Students will develop the basic technical skills in metalsmithing such as transferring designs, sawing, filing, drilling, surface treatment, soldering, and stone setting.

f. Students will develop a clear sense of quality and craftsmanship

g. Students will gain a new art medium for use in self-expression.

h. Student will learn some of the history of jewelry

i. Students will develop a strong technical vocabulary

j. Student will develop a strong work ethic and attention to detail.

Grading Policy:

Projects:  I believe in quality over quantity.  There will be fewer grades butthey will be worth more.  They should  be neat, complete, and on time.


Sketchbook:  You will be expected to develop a sketchbook habit.  The sketchbook will contain handouts, your design work and regular written reflections.  These are designed to help you grow as the semester progresses and will be assigned throughout the semester.


Formative Quizzes and a Final Exam:  There will be quizes throughout the semester to check for understanding.  There will also be a written final exam at the end of the semester.



Jewelry Studio Syllabus           Teacher:  Mrs. Southworth


#1 Introductions

  • Discussions on craftsmanship, quality and expectations
  • Tour of the facility
  • Overview of tools and materials and projects
  • Explanation of Studio Maintenance
  • Warm up activities


#2 Design Project

  • Basic design skills
  • Planning
  • Artistic Process
  • Communicating ideas visually
  • Clay stamps


#3 Wire work

  • Exploring Calder’s world
  • Expressions in wire
  • Basic forging concepts
  • Craftsmanship
  • Pendants


#4 Cold connections

  • Texture
  • Sawing and piercing
  • Riveting, tabs, sewing with wire
  • Found objects


#5 Porcelain Pendants

  • Texture tools
  • Craftsmanship
  • Glazing


#6 Beading with wire wrapping and pendant

  • Stringing techniques
  • Handmade clasps
  • Loops


#7 Wire rings

  • Basic wire rings
  • Love knot
  • Soldering


#8   Sterling silver ring bands

  • rings/sizing
  • Texture
  • Sweat soldering


#9   Stone setting

  • Bezel setting
  • Fine silver


#10 Fused glass

·      Controlled cuts in glass

·      Glass grinding

·      Fusing

·      Adding findings


#11 Final Project

·      Creating a set or series

·      Drawing from a variety of skill learned in class

·      Responsible to create a proposal that includes drawings and written description for prior approval




Final exam




*Deadlines for projects will be given after the introduction for each project.

Work should be completed in class or during study halls.  Some after school hours will be posted. 


**Periodic assessments