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United States History II
Mr. Feeney
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United States History I.2 covers United States History from the Jacksonian period through the late 19th century. Topics that are heavily emphasized include westward expansion, industrialism, sectionalism and the Civil War, and social/cultural issues of the 19th century. There is no prerequisite for the course, although students are encouraged to take it as sophomores after completing both semesters of World History in ninth grade, and US History I.1 during the first semester of their sophomore year. Two levels of the course are offered: College Preparatory and Honors. Both levels provide multiple opportunities for students to gain and demonstrate proficiency in the graduation standards outlined in this document; the Honors course involves more rigor than the graduation standards demand by delving more deeply into content, incorporating multiple reading materials that are above grade level, and requiring more frequent, sophisticated  written assignments.


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Grading Policy:

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