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Humans and the Environment
Mr. Williams
Room 121 - Period r2

Humans and the Environment

(Literature Based)

Semester 2 2012 - Williams

Course Description:

Humans and the Environment uses literature from the past and the present to explore the complex choices humans have to make in regards to the environment.  Readings include literature and current articles and scientific studies; activities include discussions research projects and problem solving challenges related to specific environmental challenges. Past and current films, both dramatic and documentary are also used, as is art, music, poetry to give students the background they need to become independent thinkers about environmental problems and solutions.


Literature Covered:

Silent Spring,  Our Stolen Future, Omnivore’s Dilema,  Two Old Women, Walden, Twilight in the Desert and excerpts from a variety of literature.



Expectations: This course is an elective class, and hence students are expected to bring with them an interest in the course field, and that interest must transfer to enthusiasm in both class participation and homework completion. Much of the reading is nonfiction, and students will need to draw upon all of their course work from other subjects to analyze the material covered. There will be some research involved. Most classwork will involve discussion, supplemental readings and written reflection on material presented.

Grading Policy:


Major grades on Writing and projects: 30%

Class Participation and journals 50%

Quizzes /small assignments: 20%


Assignments:  code:7q7wb4