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Narrative, Exposition, and Research
Mr. Williams
Room 121 - Period

Junior Narrative, Exposition and Research

Semester II  2012 – Mr. Williams  


-Junior Narrative, Exposition and Research is a college preparatory class focusing on writing. There will be some associated reading.

  Download Narrative Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf


-The first unit will focus on creative nonfiction. Student will engage in a writing workshop developing voice, narrative, and critiquing skills.


-Following this workshop, we will take what we have learned about good narrative writing and transfer our skills to application essays.


-In all of the above units, we will be looking at model essays in class and developing critical editing skills.


-Throughout the first quarter, students will work on the mechanics of writing.


-Second semester we will focus on the research process. Each student will produce one persuasive paper, and one longer research paper of 3000-3500 words.


All papers will follow MLA format. Students will also complete a writing journal.

Grading Policy:


Process 50%

Product 50%


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