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Debate and Controversial Issues
Mr. Williams
Room 121 - Period W2

Debate and Controversial Issues

Mr. Williams



Course Description


What is Debate and Controversial Issues?

Debate and controversial issues is a senior elective. Participants MUST be ready to conduct themselves in a respectful and adult matter, and most importantly, participants must be willing to takes risks. All of us will encounter experiences in which we find success, and experiences in which we encounter failure. Both are valuable.

What skills will be covered?

-       The rules and formats for several types of debates

-       The elements of an effective argument and rebuttal

-       Several types of arguments, counter arguments and logical fallacies

-       The elements of effective public speaking

-       Thorough debate planning

-       Precision of language

-       Listening carefully and assessing the quality of debates by others


            Unit 1 – Introduction and Fundamentals

            Unit 2 – Student Congress and Parliamentary Debate

            Unit 3 – Lincoln Douglas Debate

            Unit 4 – Mock Trial


Major Debates 50%

Minor Debates 25%

In-class investment 25%

This is a performance-based class. If it is your day to debate an issue, you must be prepared with notes in hand at the beginning of class. I do not  what to hear, “I just have to print it out . . . I emailed it to myself and it’s not there . . .”

Download Debate Common Core Standards Aligned Outcomes.pdf


 Debate and Controversial Issues Creed 

As a member of Mr. Williams’ Debate Class, I agree to the following:

1. I will take the side of a position that I don’t agree with for the sake of argument

2. I will research my position thoroughly.

3. I will be intellectually honest.

4. I will fight to win with passion, but fairly.

5. I will win or lose with dignity.

6. I will not engage in personal attacks.

7. I will question my opponent with intensity and respect.

8. I will learn from both my victories and defeats.

9. I will celebrate and encourage others.

10. I will enjoy intellectual combat.

11. I will accept criticism with humility.

12. I will learn to replace fear and anxiety with courage.

13. I will remember that every issue has two sides.

14. I will learn to appreciate that the loudest voice doesn’t always prevail.

15. I will remember that Debate is a full run dress rehearsal for life.

Grading Policy:


Major Debates 50%

Minor Debates 25%

In-class investment 25%


All material for Debate, including the Debate topics and schedules can be found on Google Classroom.  code:bjxckq7