Standards Based Education District (FiveTown K-12) Steering Committee Charter

Purpose: The Steering Committee will develop a balanced, conceptual K – 12 framework/model of standards based learning that aligns with the mission of each of our districts. This Steering Committee will address “big picture” questions regarding standards based learning that will help guide the work of individual schools. The Steering Committee works in collaboration with administrators and provides advisory counsel. The Committee will also report out to the Curriculum Committees in each district to inform them of our work and seek approval as needed.


1. For members to be leaders in the district and schools for SBE implementation.
2. To create a timeline of implementation that is practical and useful for the districts.
3. To outline professional development needs for the district and schools.
4. To provide guidance and leadership (a strong bridge) between the district committee and school committees for cohesion, consistency, and to support a unified vision.

Membership: Membership is voluntary. Teachers who are interested in helping to shape our transition to a standards based education system and who can provide leadership at the school level are encouraged to participate. Membership will include 6 teachers from CHRHS, 3 teachers from CRMS, 3 teachers from CRES, 2 teachers from each of the HAL schools, the Union #69 Superintendent, and the FiveTown CSD/SAD 28 Assistant Superintendent (and the Superintendent as an ex office member). A building administrator can serve as a member in lieu of a teacher.

Outcome: The Steering Committee is being formed to help guide the work of moving to a standards based educational system and to meet the legal requirements of having students graduate with a Proficiency Based diploma by 2018. It is designed to provide an avenue for professional dialogue and collaborative decision making regarding the planning and implementation of a standards based education.

Decision Making: Decision-making is by consensus, which means that after all points of view have been heard, the will of the group is evident, even to those who most oppose it, as long as the basic intent of the law is met.

Communication: Minutes of the committee will be posted within a couple of days of each meeting and kept on file in the Central Office.

Resources: Most meetings this year will be held as 1⁄2 professional days over the next 3 months. Estimated time is 25 hours over the course of the year, likely consisting of 5 half days (in next 3 months) and 5 one-hour meetings (second semester or summer). Participants will be afforded Professional Development opportunities related to this work, to the extent possible given the budget limitations.

Timeframe: This is a standing committee that will likely meet over the next 3 years. Participants will serve annual terms from June to June. Consecutive terms may be served.

Other: Some of this committee work may involve working with a district coach from Great School Partnerships.